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Author | Professional Speaker
Alliance For Integrity, LLC
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Athens, GA 30604
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  • Offering Two Penetrating Keynote-Conference & Professional-Development Speeches,
    with a Follow-Up Jam-Packed Workshop



    Reap the Advantages Integrity Generates:

    Trustworthiness, Respect, Reputation
    Magnification of the Firm, Brand, Logo
    Loyal Customers, Clients, Consumers, Investors
    A Sharper Competitive Edge
    Avoidance of Penalties, Violations, Defense Costs

    Strengthen Barriers Against Today’s Culprits:

    Scandals and Ethical Fiascoes
    Unchecked Greed
    Workplace Expediency
    Conflicted Interests, Self-Dealing, Cooked Books
    Indifference, Hypocrisy, and Fabrication,
    Loose Regard for Rules, Regulations and Policies


    Jim Thomas, an expert on INTEGRITY, is also an experienced public speaker, author, and workshop leader. His two penetrating keynote-conference speeches and jam-packed seminar-workshop, separately or in combination, produce beneficial results.

    1.“The Integrity Imperative” (Keynote-Conference & Professional Development Speech);

    2. “Integrity Problems and Predicaments: Awareness, Resolution, Prevention” (Intense Half-day Workshop);

    3. “Foundations of Compromise with Integrity Intact” (Keynote-Conference & Professional Development Speech for Decision Makers at Every Level);

    These Programs differ from all others. Here’s why. Virtually no one describes the real meaning of INTEGRITY, its positive consequences, or the invaluable benefits that flow from its culture and promotion.

    In “The Integrity Imperative,” Jim lays it out He addresses the bed-rock meaning of INTEGRITY, tenets governing it, factors motivating it, benefits flowing from it, and conduct undermining it.

    Jim’s half-day workshop, “Integrity Problems and Predicaments: Awareness, Resolution, Prevention” features short cases based on actual events. He guides attendees in analyzing and assessing them from the Integrity viewpoint.

    For decision-makers at every level, proposals regarding products, services, procedures, policies, and the like invariably stimulate conflicts, pro and con.  Handling them wisely is the basis for Jim’s third program, “Foundations of Compromise with Integrity Intact.”

    Each program offers unforgettable profiles and examples of INTEGRITY in action—as it is and ought to be. They illustrate the salient points and leave profound impressions.


    Since 1984, Jim has researched, written, published, and spoken on the subject. His works include two informative books—Individual Integrity and Integrity: The Indispensable Element-published articles, and a series of newspaper essays. He also draws from 35 years of trial practice at the Georgia Bar. He has become an recognized authority in the field. Click here to learn more about Jim.

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    In today’s social and commercial climate, Jim’s three programs could not be timelier or in greater demand. Act today. Schedule an appearance for your next conference or meeting. Call me at 478.272.8480 or email me now.