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September 29th, 2012
Jim Thomas

In 1961 engineer John Doe (name disguised at his request) was employed in the test laboratory at Lockheed Aircraft at Marietta Georgia. Lockheed was then a supplier of aircraft for the military. He was the youngest and least experienced of his co-workers.

At the time, those who designed the parts in question and those charged with testing them comprised a single operations unit.

Doe’s duties included testing of aircraft parts, as well as assistance with drafting reports of the test results.  A piece of electrical paneling came in for testing. The device contained a series of circular openings, tiny holes for transmission of electrical current. When Doe ran the test some openings failed. While a limited number were allowed, in his judgment too many had failed.

When he informed those who had designed the panel, they rejected his opinion. They concluded the failures were merely random, in numbers allowed by test standards. They proceeded to report them as random failures. After all, they were more experienced than he.

Doe weighed the hard evidence and his choices. After much deliberation, he elected to by-pass his immediate superiors and co-workers. He provided the Department Head his own assessment of the test results. After reviewing them the man immediately agreed. He rejected the random test and promptly divided the designer-test unit, each with separate and distinct responsibilities. At a meeting of the entire department he said, “We were fortunate that the one with the least experience had integrity.”


Do you agree with the opinion and actions of the Department Head?

Was there a lack of integrity by anyone?

How do you see the outcome?


September 18th, 2012
Jim Thomas

Coaches and Players Benefit Big From Performance with Integrity

When played with Integrity, football has no downside. While drawing approval from all corners, it simultaneously elevates the stature of players, coaches, and the entire program—from top to bottom.

When coaches invest in a penetrating climate of Integrity big benefits begin to flow…

• Upright Conduct of Players and Coaches;

• Greater Trustworthiness, Respect, and Reputation;

• A Magnification of the Team, Individual Players, and Coaches;

• Greater Levels of Credibility, Accountability, Responsibility;

• Deeper Loyalties among Fans, School Administrators, Alumni, the Media;

• The Sharper Edge in Competition, Including Recruiting

Rarely is it posted in the locker room or printed in play books. Nor is it about discipline, prohibited conduct, punishment, or expulsion.

Instead it embraces the everlasting “should’s,” as distinguished from the “should not’s.”

Integrity is the factor that generates conduct with no gaps.

The athlete leads no double life. Transparency prevails—on the gridiron and elsewhere. Thus, players reflect authenticity. They become the genuine articles.

Football players with Integrity have an unmistakable presence.

They practice scrupulous honesty. They keep their word in matters great and small. They strive to deliver as promised, when promised, in the manner promised. They stand accountable for their deeds, athletic and otherwise. They know HOW they practice and play is as important as WHAT they practice and play. To the alluring temptation, to the ill-advised compromise, they have the power to say NO.

Players like Johnny Unitas, Doak Walker, Charlie Trippi, for example, do not waver. They adhere to ideals and inner convictions, irrespective of the difficulty, inconvenience, or consequences of doing so. And, their adherence is beneficial to all concerned.

How does the coaching staff implant a culture of Integrity? Show their players examples of Integrity in action. Lay out to the squad the oak-hard tenets that govern its practice, motivations that compel it, and how breaches of it can decimate in ten seconds reputations months and years in the making.

An excellent source to draw from is Integrity, The Heart and Soul in Sports from the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Kansas City, Mo 1 800 289 0909