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    More Essential, More In Demand Than Ever!

    Jim Thomas, author of Individual Integrity and founder of Alliance for Integrity, LLC presents a timely, powerful message on the First Essential Element for persons, professionals, firms, and organizations. Integrity sustains upright conduct without sacrificing high performance and potential. When fully implemented it advances both.

    Drawing from authorities of the ages, Jim profiles men and women who struggle for adherence to convictions and prevail, even when the costs are high. Attendees of this powerful presentation will garner a heightened appreciation for this timeless virtue’s authentic meaning. The profiles and examples will inspire them. They will takeaway practical and pragmatic guidelines for its consistent practice.

    About the Speaker – Jim Thomas

    Jim Thomas is a former partner in two of Georgia’s historic law firms, located in Savannah and Dublin. Jim spent much of his legal career at the Trial Bar, where he acted as lead counsel in approximately 100 jury trials. His speech on Individual Integrity has been quoted in numerous publications include Vital Speeches of the Day and Fortune magazine.

    He is a frequent contributor to various print publications and blogs on the topic of personal and professional integrity.

    Jim holds degrees from the University of Georgia and Emory University Law School. He has also attended various programs at Harvard University.

    “Your speech held our audience’s attention from start to finish. Your interesting anecdotes gave the speech a brisk pace. The talk gave us a clear understanding of integrity and its critical importance in our modern society.”

    - Lindsay Thomas, Jr., Communications Director
    Quality Deer Management Association

    This message, this day, this speaker on the everlasting worth of Integrity is timely, powerful, and penetrating. It embraces the character of persons, professions, leaders, and organizations alike. Demand for this message has never been greater.