October 27th, 2012
Jim Thomas

Professional speaker and seminar leader, Jim Thomas, and Alliance for Integrity, LLC (AFI) are offering a Workshop developed to address a critical need. In today’s super-charged, fast-paced market place, its lessons are more valuable than ever.

Designed for businesses, corporations, and professionals alike, the Workshop delivers time-tested tools: (1) for preventing litigation, violations, fines, and penalties; (2) for eliminating conflicted interests, lack of accountability, loss of credibility, diminished standards, self-dealing, fabrication, scandals, and ethical fiascoes.

The Workshop draws from Jim’s expertise, years of experience, study, and research. After illuminating the real meaning of Performance with Integrity, the program presents a collection of cases based on actual events from a wide range of circumstances. Attendees analyze and assess them. Did the parties exercise Integrity? From which end of the transaction? Did they breach Integrity? Was a better path open to them? Did they deliver as promised, when promised, in the manner promised? Did they demonstrate that HOW they perform is as important as WHAT they perform?

The Workshop emphasizes pay offs when Integrity is preached and practiced. Among them: heightened trust and reputation; a magnification of the company, firm, group, and brand. Additional benefits are loyal staff, employees, customers and clients; confident investors, share holders, and partners; a sharper edge among competitors.

Engage this Workshop as an additional means of gaining Integrity’s everlasting assets and advantages. Strengthen the enterprise, organization, or practice from top to bottom. For a date go to the website Or call Jim at 478 272 8480 or 706 395 6223.

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