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    Invaluable, however, are integrity’s benefits—for persons and organizations. It leads directly to the priceless assets of trustworthiness and reputation. Trust is social and public capital as vital as actual capital. Reputation signals:

    • Reliability
    • Fairness
    • Truthfulness
    • Square dealing
    • Abiding by the rules
    • Accountability
    • Forthrightness and good will
    • Commitment
    • High Performance

    Absent these advantages, other assets can become valueless. Otherwise, where a culture of integrity prevails, people are drawn to it. Here are well-known payoffs.

    Personal integrity

    • Amplified self-respect
    • Personal power and effectiveness
    • In a company, firm, or group—a connection creating a convergence between who people are and what they do

    Integrity for the Professional:

    • Leads to a loyal repetitive clientele, that rely heavily upon their professional’s trust and reputation
    • Enlarges standing and respect among colleagues and fellow practitioners
    • Generates a source of referral business
    • Opens opportunities for advancement to leadership positions
    • Strengthens compliance with the profession’s standards and ideals

    Integrity in business

    • Promotes reliability of products and services
    • Magnifies and spreads the brand
    • Creates pride in the organization and protections of its reputation
    • Strong recruiting tool for employee prospects
    • Distinguishes the company from less scrupulous competitors, thus creating attraction and appeal to new players in the marketplace
    • Raises reputation and profile among creditors, rating companies, shareholders and investors for sound economic reasons
    • Encourages a human resource system based on merit, rather than cronyism or favoritism
    • Diminishes risk of catastrophic events leading to fines, penalties, disruptive lawsuits, unnecessary court costs and attorney’s fees
    • Raises the organization’s stature in the community and society

    In his important book, High Performance with High Integrity, Former General Electric corporate counsel, Ben Heinemann Jr, now professor at Harvard Law School, conclude that fusion of high performance with high integrity “is the very foundation of the corporation.” Inevitably, it means expanded effectiveness in a highly competitive marketplace.2

    Integrity for the Non-profit Organization:

    • Greater effectiveness and influence
    • Growth in a dues-paying membership
    • More donors and benefactors

    In sum and for all, integrity enforces purpose, strengthens standards, encourages respect for rules and values, defeats ill-advised compromise, and gains steadfast admiration, irrespective of station, calling, race, or religion,

    “We truly enjoyed your speech on the greatest of all virtues – personal integrity. From the examples presented, your message inspired our members to maintain integrity no matter the difficulty.”

    - Adam Albano, Phi Kappa Society, University of Georgia