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Speaking Appearance,Augusta West Rotary

June 16th, 2010
Jim Thomas

I was pleased to be invited by Augusta West Rotary Club in Augusta, Georgia, to provide the program on June 10.  This is a strong club of about fifty members, many of whom are employed at Medical College of Georgia.  The audience was attentive and receptive to the theme of the speech, one that affirms the importance of integrity in all our dealings—personal, professional, commercial, and organizational.  Private discussions afterward convinced me that many citizens believe we have witnessed diminished integrity—across the spectrum of American life—in recent years.  I suggested every group could reap returns from posting in clear view an Integrity Credo, separate and apart from their Code of Ethics.

Speech at Sunrise Rotary,Savannah,GA

June 8th, 2010
Jim Thomas

On Thursday morning Mar 27, Jim Thomas was guest speaker at the Sunrise Rotary Club in Savannah.  About forty-five members and guests attended.

 He placed before the Club three basic questions: what is the true meaning of the cardinal virtue of integrity?  What are its driving motivations?  What basic rules govern its practice?  His remarks dwelt on the answers, with examples and profiles of integrity as it really is and ought to be.

 Title of the talk was The Integrity Imperative.  Following the talk, a dozen persons signed up for the Alliance for Integrity free quarterly newsletter, focusing on current problems and issues of integrity among individuals, professionals, businesses, and organizations. We hope you will, too.