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  • Why a Speech on Integrity Now?

    Many leaders believe that the first great virtue is vanishing—in private life, in business and society.  Yet everyone expects it from everyone else.  No one ever stops to define the true meaning of integrity or declare its inherent advantages.  Instantly identifiable in reality, in the abstract it is vague, elusive and thick in its implications. Few really know the genuine definition of integrity or the rules that govern its practice.

    The Integrity Imperative speech is unmistakable.  Permeating the times are high-profile scandals and fiascoes of impropriety.  Across the spectrum arise unchecked greed, moral slackness, social and cultural decay.  Witness the conspicuous absence of accountability and rank gullibility.  Questionable practices, unrestrained materialism, economic crisis, and dislocation add to the deepening malaise.

    Jim Thomas regularly speaks to corporations, industry associations and academic forums where the topic of integrity is not only of interest, but one of an essential element of the group’s future success.  He conducts extensive due diligence and support his client company’s own Integrity Manifesto.

    “One of our members said it well – This is truly one of the more outstanding programs we have had over the years.”

    -William J. Steele, BG (RET), Rotary, Eastman, Georgia

    Select Clients

    Deer Quality Management Association

    Kiwanis International

    Lions Clubs International

    Rotary International

    University of Georgia

    UUCA Fellowship

    Buckhead Business Association

    Georgia Military College

    Georgia Society of Certified Public Accountants (Atlanta Chapter)