For Those Who Sell Services:Magnify Your Brand With Integrity

October 20th, 2011
Jim Thomas

 Have you ever stopped to consider the core essence of a “service”? If not, allow me one.A service is a promise. Few carry warranties—for distinct reasons. For example, how can the lawyer warrant his advice? That a waiter’s service will be satisfactory? That a minister’s sermons will bring in converts? That the accountant will find every available deduction?

 Enter the brand. Although often displayed in public, it is more than a physical object. In the market place, the brand is an unspoken warranty. It represents an implied promise the service will perform up to standards.

 Think about it. The buyer of a typical service owns nothing—other than a promise that somebody, somewhere, at sometime will carry out a task. Services with the greatest value are based on promises made and kept

 It follows as certain as the sunrise that the foundation element supporting a brand is the integrity of the organization and its personnel. All brands either rise or fall to the extent integrity is displayed in each and every transaction. Let fabrication, exaggeration, or unkempt assurances creep in and the brand is impaired. Its repair is difficult, without exception.

 A fundamental tenet of integrity holds that legitimate promises shall be kept. In marketing services, the tenet converts to the delivery of services–as promised, when promised, in the manner promised. 

 In his acclaimed book, Selling the Invisible, marketing disciple Harry Beckwith writes:” The heart of a service brand is not artful packaging, slick advertising,or the company name emblazoned on everything from sweatshirts to key chains. The heart of a service brand, and a key to a service’slong-term success is the integrity of the people behind it. Invest inand religiously preach integrity. It is the heart of your brand.”


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