Time-Tested Rules for All Who Seek to Move Ahead

June 29th, 2011
Jim Thomas

In this frantic age, A life of integrity—with all its advantages and benefits—may be more difficult than ever. This holds true for individuals, professionals, corporations, businesses, non-profits. What follows are rules that will serve you well. Provided: you are among those who seek the priceless advantages of trustworthiness, reputation, credibility, reliability, square dealing, and good will.

The Rules are neither exclusive nor unimpeachable, but they are reliable. They will reward all who follow them. They are found in part in Rules to Break and Laws to Follow, by Don and Pepper Rogers, John Wiley & Son, Hoboken, New Jersey, 2008, as supplemented by the writer.

  • Long-term value is as important as the current relationship—personal or otherwise–as the task at hand, the contract, case, patient, sales and profits.
  • Create value from current friends, customers, clients’ vendors, shareholders.
  • Earn and keep trust whatever you do.
  • Deliver good works, products, and services as promised, when promised, in the manner promised.
  • Maintain responsiveness to the point of view of those with whom you negotiate, solicit, and provide goods and services. This develops the irreplaceable climate of fairness.
  • Pay attention to the trust your associates, colleagues, and employees have in you.
  • The culture you promote and affirm with either will either drive up your value or drag it down.
  • If your ability to be fair to those with whom you transact business creates conflict, fix your model of conduct or get a new one.
  • Modern technology is a tool for creating trustworthiness and reputation. Get it and use it.
  • Customers, clients, patients, vendors, friends may forgive honest mistakes, but will never forgive dishonesty.
  • Promote dissent and diversity within your group. They stimulate creativity and innovation.
  • Tell the truth. Always tell the truth. Even when it hurts in the long run it will help.

There are other rules of the upright life, of course. But these will carry you far. Adopt and apply them to your advantage and to the advantage of others.

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